It’s not very often I’m compelled to write a review of my own shows. it smacks a little of “of course he would say that” but I feel compelled to on this occasion, and here’s why… 

I can trace my experience of 4 out of 5 members of the band, right back to 2004. The core of Dave, Chris & Simon first hit the scene in Hitchmo, a superb indie rock band who had ambitions beyond Devizes. I vaguely remember a song being syndicated for a Canadian TV car advert (?) and thinking they’d lay waste to all the opposition at the time.

Stints in the Jon Amor band took them to new pastures, and now some 15 years later collectively between us we’ve done all manner of things in the industry. Seen some crazy things, done crazier things, to all arrive at this point in time. 

So it’s a credit to the band, that when things didn’t quite go as planned, despite meticulous planning, that any lesser or more entitled bands would have crumbled, Little Geneva got every ounce of quality that was available to them in the venue. 

Despite a plethora of plugs in the venue, fate decided to deal us a blow knocking out 8 out of 10 available sockets. Despite the best attempts of a sparky, nothing could be done. Perhaps that added a certain level of grit or spice to the performance, that nothing was going to overshadow a long await return to Devizes for the lads, as the performance was faultless. 

These boys love the blues. They cherish it. The songs are chosen with care, the weight of history understood and evident in their reverence to the music. Singer Rags Russell noting the significance of singing particular songs, and if there is one thing I will say about the band, is that they have never put their name to anything less than excellent, and on this showing their first outing was excellent – watch them as their stages and space grow…. so will their ability to express it. 

For a more impartial review… go check out Mr Worrows efforts over on Devizine

Rags, courteously of Charlotte Archer.

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