Well that was the worst kept secret.

Not 5 minutes had passed from Frank’s live stream last night, before people were replying to Cheese & Grain socials about his appearance!

This means I am absolutely bowled over to announce that Frank Turner will be performing as a duo with Sleeping Soul, Matt Nasir at the Cheese & Grain, Frome in June.

Set over what is traditionally the Glastonbury weekend, there will be two Turner dates that fall in with a larger programme of shows labelled “The Closest Thing to Glastonbury”. These will also feature other high profile acts over the Glastonbury week.

This would traditionally be exciting enough as it is, however, we have the added layer that June 27th is my (Kieran) 38th Birthday. (!)

The Gathering tour itself is a mini-festival featuring an all Xtra-Mile family affair. The line up will be mostly acoustic, with a full band acoustic Skinny Lister, along with solo sets from our friend Non-Canon and Semantics, Guise, Johnny Lloyd and Ducking Punches. Then further acoustic band sets from Pet Needs, Deux Furieuses and Berries.

So a lovely cross spectrum of sounds and acts. Each night features a slightly different line up, so be sure to check the tour poster for the correct bill!

Of course, this live tour announcement came hot on the heels of the preceding single “The Gathering”, which was premiered on YouTube last night. The song is available to stream NOW.

That album is sounding incredible from the scant details we’ve been given, but already I’m predicting Frank will get that elusive #1 that’s been evading him on his past 3 attempts!! If Mogwai can do it, so can Frank!

Tickets are likely to last 2 minutes, so you gotta hope you’ve been lucky – Head here for tickets – On sale tomorrow, Friday 7th May at 10am.

Saturday 26th June – https://www.cheeseandgrain.com/events/the-gathering-sat
Sunday 27th June – https://www.cheeseandgrain.com/events/the-gathering-sun

Aaaaaaaand since it’s my birthday there will be after-parties each night happening across town. Keep your ear close to the ground to find out more!


So yeah, check all the usual social media’s for more info, times etc.

Thanks for your support of our shows, it means the world and in some small way I like to think we help!

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