Being stuck at home has presented a number of opportunities to elevate the boredom, whilst building fences and desks, and cleaning every square in of my house has been fun, there are limits to my patience before music came back into focus.

Jon Ponting approached me about doing a podcast last year, and ideas were thrown around, until finally, Coronavirus presented me with the sitting-at-home-time and the available headspace to work it out. And when I say work it out, I mean for Jon to work it out. I am literally just chatting and all the actual work is being done by Jon.

Last week we launched onto social media our first take at a Podcast and it was fun. Just over half an hour of idle chit chat about local music, some videos and an ability to feel slightly more normal again. It was nice, and it gave me an itch to scratch. You can watch that vLog on Youtube, …> HERE. Or if you use Spotify, it’s …> HERE.

For this weeks instalment, everything has been improved. We managed to get a jingle, (Thanks to Simon!) a guest appearance from a musician, (Thanks to Frank!), we’re being syndicated by Malmesbury Radio & Chippenham FM (Thanks to Andy Thatcher!), Jon was able to ask some techsperts in order to get this listed on Apple Music and Spotify podcasts, and for next week we’re having an intro video made up (thanks Rachel!). It’s all happened so quickly!

Today’s edition will go live at 1pm from Spotify and Youtube, which you can subscribe and follow …here.

If you want to have your video played on the session or be involved, send us material and links etc to [email protected].

Coming up in the following weeks we have videos from Tom Jenkins, Daryl Ball, Corky, Chinese Burn and more, along with some guests including Colin Doran from Hundred Reasons and maybe even a Sean McGowan or Dave McPherson. It’s a terribly exciting outlet for me, and I’m so thankful to Jon for making it happen!

Stay safe #GigFam, and we’ll see you all on the other side!

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