Two days ago I learned that the BBC had decided to shake up the Introducing in the West session, (among other changes across it’s regional networks) which was shared by the BBC Introducing in the West Facebook page, which you can read again here.

This news will end the 10 years that the duo have been building and connecting the West Country’s music scene, for, in my opinion, no real benefit.

Sam and Rich have been instrumental in developing and delivering the BBCs Flagship introducing session in the area, and have brought countless people together, united through music to strengthen the south-wests scene.

The brutal way in which the BBC seem to have made the decision completely under values, and miss understands the teams contribution to music in the south west, which cannot be underestimated.

Whilst not adverse to change, the timing of this decision doesn’t seem to make sense. What we need right now is some consistency and people who are well respected, well connected and incredibly passionate about the scene they work in, to see us through this incredibly difficult period. Sam and Rich deliver and more.

I feel so strongly that the decision should be reconsidered I have created a petition, which you can sign and share here, .

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