When one of the longest people you’ve known in music, contacts you and asks if you’d like to promote a show, at an incredible venue, with an incredible line up, with one of your favourite labels and favourite promoters, it didn’t take a second thought to say yes.

Count me in, I’m there.

The show in question is Buswell & Nyberg’s Underground Orchestra. Who are heading to London’s EartH on Sunday 13th March 2022.

Sean (Buswell) has once again outdone himself. Not content with creating a orchestra from scratch by simply tracking down musicians on London’s Underground (where the name is derived from, OBVS). He took the same idea across Europe’s major cities. Now the pair come full circle and return home to London.

Roping in one of the UKs prominent independent record labels, Xtra Mile is a stroke of genius too. Their roster is as talented as it is diverse. Making this performance at Hackney’s EartH all that extra special will be; Mull Historical Society, Guise, Berries, Pet Needs, Johnny Lloyd, Frank Turner AND Deux Furieuses!

Unbelievably there is still space to perform too – All details about that, and the show can be found here: https://earthackney.co.uk/ – Tickets are priced £25.75 (inclusive of all fees) over here: SeeTickets.com/

(It’s also a great image right?!)

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