Andy Bell is the frontman of legendary Oxford “showgaze” pioneers, Ride, whose album “Nowhere” will often jostle for top spot in the all-time-shoegaze lists with “Loveless” by My Bloody Valentine. But you may also know him from late 90s indie outfit Hurricane #1 (who I had the pleasure of getting my copy of their debut vinyl album signed at a HMV instore in Swindon) or latterly as the Oasis bassist, joining them for their last 4 studio albums and finally Liam Gallagher’s post-Oasis band, Beady Eye.

However you know him, he is a big figure in the industry, one of Oxford’s finest alumni and a noted figure head of a scene.

So it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that Andy Bell will be performing his ANDY BELL SPACE STATION, at Trowbridge Town Hall on Sunday 6th February 2022.

What’s even better is this is part of national campaign called, Independent Venue Week, #IVW2022. Set at the end of January every year, the week long campaign is designed to raise the profile and support independent venues during a period that is traditionally quite quiet.

This is often done with underplays, where a larger artist than would traditionally play the venue, goes in to give the venue a killer experience. This is also hand in hand with making the events really affordable / accessible.

Tickets for our Andy Bell Space Station show go on sale this Monday, 15th November via WeGotTickets, priced a paltry £8, and in the spirit of things these gigs are all age too!

For more information on Andy Bell, Ride and the rest of it, check out his socials here.

Andy Bell Social handles:

Ride social handles:

The official biog is below:

Andy Bell is a musician and DJ. He plays guitar with Ride, makes solo albums as Andy
Bell, puts out electronic music and produces remixes under the name GLOK, and
performs live instrumental gigs under the name ANDY BELL SPACE STATION, as
well as DJ’ing.

He’s an ex member of Oasis, Beady Eye, and Hurricane #1. As guitarist or bass player,
he’s also appeared live with Pink Floyd, The Creation, Talk Talk, and The Brian
Jonestown Massacre, and has appeared on record as guitarist for Andrew Weatherall,
and recently as bass player for Du Blonde. As GLOK he has remixed MAPS, Bon
Voyage, Pye Corner Audio, Ganser, The Flamingods, Ride, Franz Kirmann, Herman
Kristoffersson, Bdrmm and C.A.R. among others.

As a DJ he started off in the early 2000s, as a resident DJ and booker for “Bangers
and Mash” a long running, much loved indie clubnight in Stockholm which he was
involved with for a few years. Since moving to London in 2006, he has DJ’d at many
places including Red Market, The Last days of Shoreditch, This Feeling, The Night Owl,
The Met Bar, The Heavenly Social, and The Lock Tavern, and is a regular DJ at The
Gun in Hackney. Outside of London, Andy has DJ’d at FAC 51 in Manchester and
several spots in Dublin including The Sugar Club, Tengu, Button Factory, Pygmalion,
and Powers Court Centre. The Irish connection is Andy’s DJ brother in law Arveene,
a familiar face on the Irish scene for the last 20 years.

ANDY BELL SPACE STATION was born in 2020, during lockdown, when Andy
started a residency at a coffee shop called Lo-Fi that opened up in Crouch End,
North London, where he lives. As a way of reaching people with some form of live
music, Andy started streaming performances from the empty coffee shop, playing
electric guitar along with reworked versions of backing tracks from his various
musical worlds. This is an ongoing residency, but didn’t have a name until Andy was
asked by Stereolab to support them at a recent gig, which meant he had to think of a
name for it. The music comes from GLOK, Andy’s solo material, and unreleased stuff
too – the backing tracks are deconstructed and extended in a way that makes them
easy to improvise over.

These gigs are instrumental – like a DJ set with live guitar.

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